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Last week I downloaded a partial dataset of Twitter users reporting their location as Bristol. I started from the Bristol Social Media group’s “brrism” ID and retrieved friends, followed by friends of their friends. This resulted in a set of 793 Bristol-based IDs, with 9241 friend links between them.

The graphic below shows the Bristolian IDs with the most friends who are also located in Bristol. The most highly connected accounts are in red towards the centre. The highest number of Bristolian friends was 183 (bristolnews), with the average number 11, though stats like this of course ignore the fact that many people don’t report their location (or do report it as lat/long). An initial look shows that “traditional” media corporate – and individual – IDs are well linked in, but that social and creative orgs. and those backed by online community sites are also among the most popular.

Subgraph of most connected IDs

When I get time, the plan is to categorise IDs by sector and by individual / corporate (though there is a large number of in-betweens). There are also signs that the accounts are organised into four distinct clusters and it will be interesting to see if there is any discernible basis to this.

Here is a Wordle of the user bios. Not too many surprises here – a good overview of Bristol’s online creative community – though the prominence of tea was interesting (23 mentions) in comparison to coffee (8) !


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